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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting NANYO's website.
This website (, hereafter "the Site") is controlled and operated by NANYO Corporation (hereafter "NANYO"). Please read the following terms and conditions carefully when you access the Site. You can use the Site only if you agree to the Terms of Use. Please note that the terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Section 1 [Service]

  1. Use of the Site requires an Internet access. You must prepare, at your own expense, necessary devices, software, or means of communication to properly connect to and browse the Site.
  2. Any information or services provided on this Site can be added, modified, or deleted at any time.
  3. NANYO does not guarantee or accept any responsibility for the content or associated services provided on this Site. NANYO assumes no responsibility, whatsoever, for any damages resulting from inaccuracy or suspension of services provided on the Site. Read Section 5 [Disclaimer] for more details.

Section 2 [Personal Information]

Personal information acquired from you like your name, email address, home address, and phone number is handled by the guidelines set forth in 'Privacy Policy'.

Section 3 [Trademarks and Copyrights]

  1. Programs, images, and other intellectual property belong to NANYO. You can enjoy them for personal private use only. Other usage (reproduction, transmission, distribution, modification, etc) is prohibited without NANYO's authorization.
  2. The trademarks or logos used on the Site are owned by NANYO and other companies or organizations providing them. You are not permitted to use them without prior authorization.

Section 4 [Prohibited Conduct]

  1. NANYO prohibits the following conduct when using the Site.
  • 1) Conduct that causes or may cause any damage to any third party or NANYO.
  • 2) Conduct that invades or may invade the properties, honor, or privacy of any third party or NANYO.
  • 3) Conduct that offends or may offend public order.
  • 4) Conduct that provides false information like registering email address of someone else.
  • 5) Conduct that uses or distributes harmful programs like computer virus.
  • 6) Conduct that sends spam mails or newsletters without permission.
  • 7) Conduct that violates or may violate laws and regulations.
  • 8) Other conduct that NANYO deems inappropriate.
  1. You agree to be sued for compensatory damages by NANYO when making any conduct mentioned above.

Section 5 [Disclaimer]

  1. Although NANYO has prepared and controlled carefully all the information on the Site, NANYO does not guarantee nor takes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the content on the Site.
  2. NANYO may, without prior notice, halt or suspend the services, modify all or parts of the information provided on the Site.
  3. NANYO shall not be liable for any damages resulting from any use of or, for some reason, inaccessibility to the Site, or conduct by third party including unauthorized writing, access, comments or email transmissions.

Section 6 [Termination of Service]

  1. NANYO can terminate the service immediately when you violate Terms of Use.
  2. NANYO can sue you for compensatory damages if such termination is caused by your violation.

Section 7 [Damage Compensation]

You must compensate for any damages if you violate Terms of Use.

Section 8 [Governing Jurisdiction]

Any legal action relating to the Site shall be brought to the Fukuoka District Court in Fukuoka, Japan as the exclusive court of first instance.

Section 9 [Special Provision]

  1. Other conditions may be established separately in accordance with Terms of Use.
  2. In case terms listed on the pages introducing NANYO's services contradict Terms of Use, terms on those pages are applicable.

(Supplementary Provision)
Terms of Use shall become effective on January 5, 2012.

Date of Enactment: January 5, 2012

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