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Message from the President

President Eiichiro Takeuchi

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your loyal patronage.

The mission of NANYO is to contribute to society by offering equipment which enhances the development of technology for industry in the world and the social capital.

The founder of our company started a coal mining business in 1950. Since then we have been diversifying our business to meet the trends of the times. Over the past half century of economic upheaval, we have experienced several changes such as the high growth of the Japanese economy, the Heisei recession, internationalization, and incessant technological innovation. We'd like to express our appreciation to our customers and stockholders for supporting us during those difficult times in order to survive and grow.

Making social contributions and creating a rewarding workplace are two of NANYO's fundamental management principles. We would like to make social contributions by meeting the demands of all stakeholders through our business projects. By creating a workplace where each and every employee can grow everyday, I believe we can be of better service to you.

Recent years of globalization and technological innovation have diversified the role NANYO is expected to fulfil. We intend to respond to those expectations at the same time educate ourselves and make further contributions to society as our predecessors had done in the past.

We look forward to your continued business in the future.

Eiichiro Takeuchi, President
Eiichiro Takeuchi

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