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Environmental Activities

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Environmental Activities

NANYO (Headquarters) has passed the JQA (Japan Quality Assurance Organization)'s audit and received the ISO14001 certification on February 22, 2002 (Registration No. JQA-EM2155).

With our management concepts of 'society contribution' and 'workplace creation that motivates employees', we will take responsibility and pride to contribute to environmental conservation. We will also pay attention to the environment at any business activities to decrease the burdens on the environment.

ISO14001 JQA-EM2155 Headquarters/Minamikyushu UKAS JAB IQNet

* Minamikyusyu Branch has been included in the registration since February 2007.

Environmental Policy

Fundamental Principle

We believe the major issue for everyone around the world is environmental conservation. Therefore, we will pay special attention to the environment at any occasion. At the same time, by educating our employees to take responsibility and pride for the environmental conservation, we will realize our management concepts of 'society contribution' and 'workplace creation that motivates employees'.

Fundamental Action Guidance
We recognize that the environmental issues are the most important matter to us so we will develop the environment control system to perform business activities with care for environmental conservation such as energy-saving and resource-saving.
We regularly review the impact of our business activities on the environment. In order to continually promote environmentally conscious activities, we set targets to the extent possible technically and financially.
We will make sure all employees comply with environment-related laws, regulations and other requirements that the organization agrees with. We will also try to improve the level of self-managed activities through environment audits.
As a commercial facility of the machine, we will conduct business activities both in Japan and overseas while taking environmental issues into consideration. At the same time, we will attempt to distribute environmentally friendly products.
We will educate our employees to become environment-aware and to be able contribute to the environmental conservation through education within the organization.
We will make sure all employees are familiarized with the environmental principles. We will also disclose our principles outside the company.
1 April, 2017
Eiichiro Takeuchi, President of NANYO Corporation
Eiichiro Takeuchi
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