Here are some frequently asked questions regarding NANYO’s investor relations.
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When was NANYO Corporation established?
NANYO Corporation was established in August, 1953.
When was NANYO listed?
Nanyo was listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange in November 1994. Then, in December 2017, it was listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in December 2018, the market was changed to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Then, in April 2020, the market was reorganized by the Tokyo Stock Exchange to shift to the standard market.
What is NANYO’s stock code
It is 7417.
Where is NANYO’s stock listed?
NANYO’s stock is listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange and the Standard market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is the purchase unit of NANYO stocks?
It is 100.
Does NANYO offer its shareholder incentives or shareholder special benefit plan?
Yes, NANYO does.
On 31 March 2017, we have offered it as follows for shareholders who hold 100 NANYO common stocks or more:
QUO card valued JPY 1,000.00 for those who are holding NANYO shares less than 3 years.
QUO card valued JPY 1,500.00 for those who are holding NANYO shareholders for 3 years and more.
QUO card is a gift voucher.
Whom should I contack for stock transfers and other paperworks like change of address?
Regarding stocks recorded at your stockbroker, please contact them for any references except: ‘sending/returning documents via mail’; ‘dividends that past the payout period’; ‘general inquires about stocks’. For these three and other matters contact Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking.
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Transfer Agent
1-1 Nikko Cho, Fuchu, Tokyo
Phone No. 0120-232-711
To request necessary forms:
CALL 0120-244-479 (toll-free)
What is your fiscal period?
Our fiscal period ends March every year. In addition, we disclose quarterly performances.