10 May 24
Comparative Consolidated Balance Sheet for FY2024/3 [Japanese standards]

10 May 24
Comparative Consolidated Profit and Loss Statement for FY2024/3 [Japanese standards]

11 May 23
Comparative Consolidated Balance Sheet for FY2023/3 [Japanese standards]

11 May 23
Comparative Consolidated Profit and Loss Statement for FY2023/3 [Japanese standards]

12 May 22
Comparative Consolidated Balance Sheet for FY2022/3 [Japanese standards]

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Headquartered in Fukuoka, Japan, NANYO is a global general machinery trading company engaged in both domestic and overseas businesses focusing on Asian countries.
Through our Industrial Machinery Sales Division and Construction Machinery Sales Division,
we contribute to the world's 'Monozukuri (manufacturing with "JAPAN" quality)'
and infrastructure development.

Industrial Machinery Business Division

We have worked in various industries handling from general industrial devices to electronic or semiconductor production machineries and even environment-related equipments. By taking advantage of those experiences, we are sure to meet the diversified and
complexed needs of our customers.
To deal with industrial international specialization, we are enhancing our Branches and focusing on Asian markets. We will develop and offer you quality products both from Japan and overseas.

Construction Machinery Business Division

We can arrange different payment methods such as installments and rentals. We can provide services to fulfill all your needs.
Currently, we are expanding our markets in the fields of not only construction machinnery but also logistics and environment. We see all industries associated with infrastructure development as one market and continue to develop our business by utilizing our know-how.


Investor Relations


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Head office location
3-19-8, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka